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New Acoustic Lighting Solutions from BuzziSpace

BuzziBurner, BuzziPebl, and BuzziSurf address lighting and acoustics with a single solution.

BuzziSpace has launched a new collection of acoustic lighting solutions that addresses the issue of excessive noise in spaces where people work and socialize.

BuzziPebl BuzziSurf

The collection includes three lighting designs: BuzziPebl, BuzziBurner, and BuzziSurf, each featuring integrated sound-absorbing materials that help to reduce echoes and noise.

These lighting solutions are designed with contemporary and decorative elements and come in warm, amorphous shapes that are of the moment. They’re designed to fit into all spaces from work to hospitality to home.


BuzziPebl Light


The BuzziPebl Light is a wall sconce that offers indirect accent lighting and can be wall-mounted or ceiling-suspended.


BuzziBurner BuzziSpark Low BuzziRugs

BuzziBurner & BuzziHug

BuzziBurner features a cone-shaped shade that provides dimmable LED lighting and acoustic privacy.



BuzziSurf BuzziPicNic

BuzziSurf is an acoustic pendant light with an elongated surfboardish design and is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

BuzziSpace offers a helpful, free downloadable BuzziSpace RT60 v3.0 app for iOS designed to measure the reverberation time of room acoustics. It allows you to easily simulate the impact BuzziSpace products would have on your space.

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