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Introducing FACT - Folding Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

FACT is on a mission is to make great acoustics easy, affordable, and sustainable.

What sets FACT apart is ease. Ease for the specifier and the installer. Greater ease and wellbeing for people in the space. A product that’s easier on the environment. An acoustic solution that’s easy to love.

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Simplicity in Specification

FACT acoustic tiles are available in unique shapes and four easy neutrals. Just fold and drop into your ceiling grid to instantly improve your space. Specify myriad colors using kvadrat’s Divina MD collection.

Renderings of FACT Ceiling Tiles

American Made, Internationally Designed, Sustainably Minded

FACT is proud to be a part of the Sweetwater, Tennessee community and supporting small town manufacturing. Collaborations with 13&9 Design, Paul Jackson, and Peter Dahmen inform the design.

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With a deep commitment to sustainable practices, FACT helps you create healthier, stress-free spaces that are better for people and the environment.

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FACT tiles are made from PET felt that contains 60% pre-consumer recycled content. You can recycle 100% of your FACT products. Even our hardware is made of PET.

We produce almost zero waste in making FACT products. Lean manufacturing at our factory also ensures minimal use of natural resources.

Don't Forget the Walls!

Calm Branches Wall Installation

Each wall tile is designed with a beveled edge adding both dimensionality and modularity to the design.

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Loop Architectural Materials is your local representative of FACT. If you have any questions, need a sample, or would like a presentation, don't hesitate to contact us.