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At Arktura, we understand the world of architecture and design—the goals, the processes, the mechanics and the art. Above all, we share the desire to break new ground and forge new possibilities for the purpose of true transformation.

We are reminded daily that the vision of every architect and designer is highly unique: an inspired force that melds and balances functional requirements with creative expression. Each one strives to push the envelope further while envisioning and creating spaces that define purpose, transform function, and exceed everyday expectations. Our clients turn to us to make the impossible, possible, and to deliver elegantly engineered, masterfully manufactured installations.

Arktura Vapor® Family

Vapor® ceiling system achieves modern expression through abstract pattern. Its subtle complexity lends visual interest across large spans and multiple spaces. As an optional backer, select from our acoustically performative and beautiful Soft Sound® material or close...

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Arktura Vapor® Soft Family

Vapor® Soft Family makes it easy to achieve dramatic visual effects while enhancing acoustic performance, at any scale. Its seamlessly tileable pattern options absorb sound and reduce reverberation thanks to faces made of our Soft Sound® acoustical material. Panels...

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Arktura – Alluvia® Forest

Even with a minimal number of modules, you can generate huge design impact using Alluvia®. We provide options for the depth of the system components in each tile so that Alluvia® fulfills your design goal, whether you are working with a tall atrium or a lower-height...

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Arktura – TriSoft®

TriSoft® ceiling system makes it easy to add faceted dimensionality and quiet elegance to interiors. Its triangular faceted pyramid faces are composed of our Soft Sound® acoustical material (100% PET plastic with up to 60% recycled content) with a metal substructure....

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Arktura – Vapor Cluster

Vapor® ceiling systems offer a variety of patterns generated from simple, repeated elements. Panels are compatible with industry standard grid systems and their scrim-like design allows HVAC, lighting elements and other infrastructure to be shrouded yet...

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Arktura – Dome

The visual interest of SoftGrid® is enhanced by our Soft Sound® acoustical material (100% PET plastic with up to 60% recycled content). Define your space and control acoustics at any scale with gridded layout configurations and the highly performative...

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