Soundsticks® Radius Primary
Soundsticks® Radius Secondary

Soundsticks® Radius

by Andrea Ruggiero

Making a commercial product with left over materials, is easier said than done.

But after deep discussions and elaborate workshops with designer Andrea Ruggiero, a design and a method were developed that not only ensured a sustainable product, but also a product that could add something new and relevant to the acoustic segment.

Soundsticks consists of upcycled material left over from Offecct's furniture production, moulded into the shape of a tube that is held together in the ends by recycled aluminium caps.

Soundsticks offer a novel way to divide space while reducing ambient noise in public spaces or open plan workspaces. Available in linear, radial, and clustered configurations, Soundsticks are a modular ceiling-mounted solution that can be hung at any height to complement seating areas or tables of variable heights. Collaborative meeting spaces, waiting areas, or private work-study spots are just some of the spaces that can easily be created with Soundsticks.

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