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Windfall Lumber is located in Tumwater, WA and has been in business for over fifteen years. From our initial start up goal of selling wood responsibly we have expanded to include options including reclaimed, salvaged, and FSC certified materials.

We manufacture tables, cladding and engineered panel products used in hospitality, retail, corporate, multi-family, and higher education interiors.

Our products are made from sustainably sourced materials including beams from deconstructed buildings, salvaged and FSC certified wood. We re-mill the material into our products, create our own patinas and use No and Low-VOC stains and finishes. We make beautiful, repeatable and dependable products for designers to use in their projects time and again. Our design and production are under one roof located about an hour south of Seattle.

The wall cladding line includes a variety of textures and colors for both interior and exterior applications. Countertops are available in butcher block, end-grain, live edge, and plank tops. The engineered panels come from demolished buildings making it ideal for wall covering, signage, and more. Using reclaimed wood for a table top will ensure a unique feature to any space. The flooring comes in two styles that compliment your design and offer warmth and character.

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