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Rich Brilliant Willing designs and manufactures LED fixtures for hospitality, workplace, and residential projects. Driven by technology, simplicity & creativity, the studio merges the industrial and the elegant, engineering warm, dimmable lighting solutions that are as beautiful as they are innovative. The results are intelligent and iconic, simple yet expressive. The inventory ranges from low-key staple pieces—minimalist wall-mounted sconces and ceiling fixtures—to arresting statement pieces that are as sculptural as they are functional. All RBW fixtures are UL listed, and ship from New York within 10 business days.

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Interior Lighting

RBW - Akoya Collection

Akoya Collection

RBW - Branch Collection

Branch Collection

RBW - Brim Collection

Brim Collection

RBW - Centro Collection

Centro Collection

Chip Collection

Chip Collection

RBW - Cinema Collection

Cinema Collection

RBW - Crisp Collection

Crisp Collection

RBW - Delta Collection

Delta Collection

RBW - Hoist Collection

Hoist Collection

RBW - Ledge Collection

Ledge Collection

RBW - Monocle Collection

Monocle Collection

RBW - Mori Collection

Mori Collection

RBW - Notch Collection

Notch Collection

RBW - Palindrome Collection

Palindrome Collection

Pastille Collection

Pastille Collection

RBW - Phase Collection

Phase Collection

RBW - Pilot Collection

Pilot Collection

RBW - Queue Collection

Queue Collection

RBW - Radient Collection

Radient Collection

RBW -Vitis Collection

Vitis Collection

RBW - Witt Collection

Witt Collection

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