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Oyyo is an independent design studio and producer of unique textile interior products. Oyyo was founded in autumn 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, by Lina Zedig and Marcus Åhrén. The studio works nomadically, exploring the convergence of cultures, design and fine craftsmanship. Oyyo’s carefully constructed collections integrate traditional techniques, sustainability, and reflect an innate passion for fibers.



Nº1 Collection - Brick

Nº1 Collection - Labyrinth

Nº1 Collection - Never Ending Story

Nº1 Collection - Noto

Nº1 Collection - Roden

Nº2 Collection - Echo

Nº2 Collection - Ennis

Nº2 Collection - Landing Site

Nº2 Collection - Nadi

Nº2 Collection - Skala

Nº2 Collection - Östra

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