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Acoustics are an aspect of interior design that often is neglected. When rooms in new buildings are made larger, and there are fewer walls in our homes, the need of acoustic elements increases. The human mind is influenced by all our senses and an annoying sound affects our health and subsequently decreases our creativity. To deal with this issue Offecct created Soundwave®, acoustic panels that have been setting new standards on the market since 2002.

We have been working with acoustics for a long time, and we were the first furniture company to launch designed acoustic wall panels. We constantly work with the development of acoustic products that not only absorb but also efficiently diffuse and block sound in order to create possibilities for the best possible indoor environment, i.e. Sound Balance.

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Acoustic Panels

Offecct - Membrane Acoustic Panel

Membrane Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Notes Acoustic Panel

Notes Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Bela Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Bela Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Botanic Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Botanic Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Ceramic Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Ceramic Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Ennis Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Ennis Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Flo Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Flo Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Geo Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Geo Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Luna Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Luna Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Pix Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Pix Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Scrunch Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Scrunch Acoustic Panel

Offecct - Soundwave® Wicker Acoustic Panel

Soundwave® Wicker Acoustic Panel


Offecct - Bop Barstool

Bop Barstool

Offecct - Bop Wood Barstool

Bop Wood Barstool

Offecct - Ezy Barstool

Ezy Barstool

Offecct - Move on High Barstool

Move on High Barstool


Offecct - Bond Easy Chair

Bond Easy Chair

Offecct - Bond Light Chair

Bond Light Chair

Offecct - Bop Wood Chair

Bop Wood Chair

Offecct - Contour Armchair

Contour Armchair

Offecct - Kali Chair

Kali Chair

Offecct - Moment Easy Chair

Moment Easy Chair

Offecct - Montparnasse Easy Chair

Montparnasse Easy Chair

Offecct - Palma Wood Easy Chair

Palma Wood Easy Chair

Offecct - Satellite Easy Chair

Satellite Easy Chair

Sofa Systems

Offecct - Gate Sofa System

Gate Sofa System

Offecct - Meet Sofa System

Meet Sofa System

Offecct - Playback Sofa System

Playback Sofa System

Offecct - Varilounge Sofa System

Varilounge Sofa System


Offecct - Airberg Sofa

Airberg Sofa

Offecct - Netframe Sofa

Netframe Sofa

Offecct - Smallroom Plus 1500 Sofa

Smallroom Plus 1500 Sofa

Offecct - Smallroom Plus 2000 Sofa

Smallroom Plus 2000 Sofa


Offecct - Amazonas Table

Amazonas Table

Offecct - Bird Table

Bird Table

Offecct - Bond Table

Bond Table

Offecct - Cornflake Table

Cornflake Table

Offecct - Kali Table

Kali Table

Offecct - Nobis Table

Nobis Table

Offecct - Soufflé Table

Soufflé Table

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