Junckers - Black Oak - Herringbone Plank

by Junckers

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Black Oak - Herringbone Plank Black Oak Herringbone Plank - For all rooms and styles. From ancient times Black Oak is known as one of nature's own products made of oak stored submerged in a bog for centuries. Natural processes cause the oak almost to become black and this characteristic colour gives the wood a very authentic expression. Through a unique colouring technique Junckers has recreated this look and together with the excellent strength properties of the oak a very exclusive product for floors is achieved. Delivered as Whale Bone / Herringbone Plank, which in principle is an oversized Single Stave Block, the floor can be installed in numerous patterns. The Hardwood planks are prefinished from factory. Choose a lacquer, clear oil or one of our Black Oak textured and Coloured designs.

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