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Finium is a Canadian company active in North America and Europe. Innovative architects and designers have incorporated our premium products into thousands of projects over the past 18 years. We offer residential and commercial solutions that stand out for their unique effect, manufacturing quality, and ease of installation.

We don’t just think about the intrinsic qualities of our products — we think about the impact they will have in a space. We play with the quality of the light and raw materials to bring warmth, richness, texture, and depth to your design.

We believe that design and manufacturing go hand in hand, allowing us to create one-of-a-kind products and manufacture them in record time. We pay impeccable attention to the look, finish, and durability of every product we make.

Designers get the support they need to bring their bold, innovative ideas to life, without ever sacrificing quality. On custom projects, we test, tweak, and fine-tune every component. The result is a product that meets the standards of the most selective designers.

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