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Esko Design a Danish company located in the town of Præstø, only a one hours drive South of Copenhagen.

Their company creates and builds innovative LED lighting solutions using tomorrow’s lighting technology. Always the best quality – always delivered on time.

CEO Esko Schmidt-Sørensen, who holds a technical and engineering diploma, founded his company. He applied his own deep passion for design and a strong sense of curiosity in combination with a real will to meet tomorrow’s needs for intelligent LED lighting solutions.

Experience and curiosity remain thier best cards. When they develop new LED lighting solutions, they unfailingly insist on applying the latest technology.

Interior Lighting

Interior Lighting

Esko Design - Blinktgten Byesko

Blinktgten Byesko

Esko Design - Cowbelle Leather

Cowbelle Leather

Esko Design - Cowbelle Spider

Cowbelle Spider

Esko Design - Cowbelle Stick

Cowbelle Stick

Esko Design - Damehatten Byesko

Damehatten Byesko

Esko Design - Forlygten Byesko

Forlygten Byesko

Esko Design - Præstø Arne Eggen

Præstø Arne Eggen

Esko Design - Præstø Milkpail Double

Præstø Milkpail Double

Esko Design - Præstø Milkpail Goldeneye

Præstø Milkpail Goldeneye

Esko Design - Præstø Milkpail Single

Præstø Milkpail Single

Esko Design - Radius Avalon

Radius Avalon

Esko Design - Radius Core

Radius Core

Esko Design - Radius Desk

Radius Desk

Esko Desing - Radius Floor

Radius Floor

Esko Design - Radius Halo

Radius Halo

Esko Design - Radius Halo Uplight

Radius Halo Uplight

Esko Design - Radius No.0

Radius No.0

Esko Design - Radius Single Pendant

Radius Single Pendant

Esko Design - Radius Single Pendant Stem

Radius Single Pendant Stem

Esko Design - Radius Single Surface

Radius Single Surface

Esko Design - Radius Single Suspension

Radius Single Suspension

Esko Design - Radius Wall

Radius Wall

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