Bover - Lexa Fl Horizontal

by Joana Bover

Lexa Fl Horizontal Image 1

LEXA is a wall lamp with a conclusive look given its measures and high decorative and luminic features. It has a fix arm holding the shade with a projection from the wall of 34 cm and it is produced in brass with chrome or nickel finish. Lexa FL has an optional base, to be supplied in horizontal or vertical format depending on users´needs, both formats incorporate a switch on the front part. Available with a double shade made of translucid material. For a higher resistance to heat, inner shade has a white polyester support and outer shade comes in glass PVC. The Flexo form Lexa wall lamp is a flexible tube in brass to guarantee its rigidity and a higher quality in day-to-day use. It can be adapted to different positions and permits focusing focusing light to a specific places without being blind due to its warm light. The LED hood comes in a conclusive shape that stresses its character, made in zamac injection is orientable with a 2.7 W LED which practically does not emanate heat. As a result there is major security, a real guarantee of 100.000 hours of life since LED tecnology depends mostly on the heat from the Light-emitting diode, more wats means more heat concentration and less duration.

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