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At Arktura, we understand the world of architecture and design—the goals, the processes, the mechanics and the art. Above all, we share the desire to break new ground and forge new possibilities for the purpose of true transformation.

We are reminded daily that the vision of every architect and designer is highly unique: an inspired force that melds and balances functional requirements with creative expression. Each one strives to push the envelope further while envisioning and creating spaces that define purpose, transform function, and exceed everyday expectations. Our clients turn to us to make the impossible, possible, and to deliver elegantly engineered, masterfully manufactured installations.

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Ceiling Systems

Arktura - Alluvia Forest Ceiling System

Alluvia Forest

Arktura - Atmosphera Standard Ceiling System

Atmosphera Standard

Arktura - Delta Drop Ceiling Panel

Delta Drop

Artura - Soft Fold Ceiling Panel

Soft Fold

Arktura - Soft Grid Ceiling System

Soft Grid

Arktura - Soft Planes Ceiling Panel

Soft Planes

Arktura - Sound Angle Ceiling Panel

Sound Angle

Arktura - Sound Edge Ceiling Panel

Sound Edge

Arktura - Sound Star Ceiling Panel

Sound Star

Arktura - SoundBar


Arktura - Sphera Ceiling Panel


Arktura - Switch 48 Ceiling Panel

Switch 48

Arkura - Trace Ceiling Panel


Arktura - TriSoft Ceiling Panel


Arktura - Vapor Ceiling Panel


Arktura - VaporSoft


Wall Systems

Arktura - Graphic Perf Standard Panels

Graphic Perf Standard Panels

Arktura - Vapor Wall Panel

Vapor Wall

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