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Beech Wood Flooring - Quality Wood Floors.

Built to last, our hardwood flooring adds value to your home.

It works wonderfully well in classic apartments (looks very good in the living room and bedroom) and utility interiors – restaurants, offices, lecture halls and libraries.

A beech floor has a subtle light color, decorated with a delicate wood pattern. The excellent strength properties, the uniform structure with white to reddish heartwood and the red-brown grain pattern provide a hard-wearing floor with a classic appearance.

This floor is also available as ships decking. The black neoprene strip placed between the boards adds a maritime look to the floor.

Grading and surface treatment

Beech hardwood floors are available with the following surfaces:

2-strip beech wooden flooring with clear oil
Oil treatment accentuates the glow of the wood and provides a soft, natural surface that is durable and easy to maintain. (Short description of look and maintenance/cleaning and durability)

2-strip beech wooden flooring silk-matte
Surface treatment with a silk matte varnish makes the floor appear glossy and slightly shiny, giving a strong and very durable surface.
The floor is very easy to clean and suitable for the busy family and areas that are constantly walked on.

2-strip beech wooden flooring ultra-matte
An ultra-matte varnish provides a strong and durable surface that is easy to clean and makes it hard to see whether the floor has been treated with varnish or oil.

2-strip beech wooden flooring untreated
Junckers floors delivered untreated must be surface-treated using one of Junckers oil or varnish products before use.

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