Skybell Modular S/20L/40 Primary

Skybell Modular S/20L/40

by Estudi Manel Molina

Skybell is an extensive system of light structures, designed to adapt to any type of application. Their main characteristic is the image they give off: they are subtle and cheerful. They breathe a point of fantasy and freedom in their applications as they can be combined in variations, by mixing the 4 lenghts, until they achieve a more personal and dynamic lamp concept, or they can keep all the ‘bells’ in the same length, achieving a more traditional image. The Skybell  Systems are divided into 3 groups, depending on the profile: linear, circular and catenary, and due to the different possibilities they offer, each of these groups form a family itself. One of the main features of the Skybell is its modularity. Linear and curved profiles can be combined to create custom structures.

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Lighting, Pendant