Introducing Neena

Hennepin Made introduces Neena, it’s first designer collaboration through a partnership with Atlason Studio.

Hennepin Made Neena Configurations

The project brings together American Made artisan craftsmanship with sophisticated design. Neena combines crystal clear, opaline white, bronze, or smoke glass with five versatile metal spinning colors. The craftsmanship comes through in the process of hand-making each blown glass component– the weight and thickness of the design requires skilled technique at every step.

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Hennepin Made Neena Lamp Single/Trio Configurations

The Neena was designed as both an individual pendant as well as a component of systems to create large statement installations.

The pendant is simple in shape and proportion, yet reveals the beautifully crafted hand blown glass. When arranged in multiples, the design comes alive, the geometric elements play off each other in a dynamic way. And thus opens up a wealth of options for compositions, in size and arrangement.

– Hlynur V Atlason (Atlason Studio designer)

Hennepin Made Neena Home and Hospitality Configurations

Created in collaboration with Atlason Studio, this fluid pendant was designed with modern home, work-space, and hospitality settings in mind. Its seamless ability to be used independently or in a unique combination of multiples makes it a beautiful and versatile choice for your designs.

Hennepin Made Neena Detail

The aluminum is brushed for a delicate texture, and the glass thickens at the tip to provide a beautiful optic lens. The transition from the form into the power cord is unique in its design resolution of technical requirements.

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LoopOctober 22nd, 2019
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