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Arktura's new Atmosphera Versa and Versa 3D adaptive baffle systems bring almost any design vision for linear and undulating straight baffles to reality.

Atmosphera Versa and Versa 3D offer fins that are fully tailorable to the needs of your project in Arktura's high performance acoustic Soft Sound material.

Arktura Atmosphera Versa Cars 1
Arktura Atmosphera Versa Cars 2

In addition to amazing configurability, Atmosphera Versa and Versa 3D utilize a new rib and assembly system that incorporates standard T-Grid as a foundational structure.

Arktura Atmosphera Versa T-Grid Suspension

Versa's new rib and assembly system provides several cost and performance benefits, including enhanced flexibility, ease-of-install, and sound-attenuating performance.

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With Versa 3D, use undulating linear baffles to create ceiling scapes that influence people's movement, impression, and memory of the space in a fun creative way. Provide your own surface design or work with the Arktura team to craft the ceiling’s flow.

Arktura Atmosphera Versa 3D Office 1
Arktura Atmosphera Versa 3D Office 2

Want to learn more about how Versa and Versa 3D can work for you? Watch Arktura's newest video to learn about the design flexibility Atmosphera Versa and Versa 3D offer, and the exciting new opportunities for creative expression and acoustic control they can bring to your next project.

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