Offecct - Babled Red

At the 2019 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Offecct premiered their new original designs on the world stage. See Babled and other new furniture introduced by Offecct.

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The craft-based work of celebrated French designer Emmanuel Babled has resulted in the easy chair Babled. What started out as a prototype in marble has, working with Offecct, been developed into commercial seating furniture.

Offecct Babled

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Font is a sofa system designed for Sweden's Nationalmuseum which originally opened in Stockholm in 1866, and was reinaugurated in 2018 after a five-year renovation. Going beyond this, Font is a sofa system will grow into different spaces far beyond the museum’s walls.

Offecct Font

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The Grandfield sofa system by Christophe Pillet is a natural place for meetings, rest and socialising no matter the environment or context it is placed in. Soft and simple, it can be extended with platforms and sections to suit many needs.

Offecct Grandfield

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Young is a sofa and easy chair for urban spaces. When space is scarce, furniture needs to be able to deliver more than good looks – and this is exactly what the Young sofa and easy chair by British designer Michael Young do.

Offecct Young

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Loop Architectural Materials is your local representative of Offecct. If you have any questions, want a sample, or would like a presentation, do not hesitate to contact us.

LoopMarch 25th, 2019