Acoustics Primer

If you have a project in need of an acoustic solution but you’re unsure of where to start, consider the main strategies of sound control...

Acoustic ABCs

Acousticians test environments to determine which strategy is most appropriate. Understanding the science of acoustics, particularly how sound waves travel, can improve and inform the planning and design process for architects and designers.

Loop Architectural Materials provides acoustic solutions from a variety of manufacturers. Our offerings include products from Arktura, BAUX, Bendheim Glass, Meltdown Glass, and Offecct.


To absorb sound means to break up sound waves with physical material. This is useful in offices, schools, and hospitals; anywhere, many people might make a lot of noise. The absorbed sound reduces the perceived noise. This is better for our health, well-being, and productivity.

Arktura - Atmosphera Arktura - Atmosphera
BAUX - Acoustic Pulp BAUX - Acoustic Pulp
Offecct - Ennis Panel Offecct - Ennis Panel


Putting a barrier between the sound source and listeners is how to block sound. Walls, partitions, and furniture are all potential sound blockers. In an industrial setting, extra layers of drywall might block the sounds of machinery.

Meltdown Glass - Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies Meltdown Glass - Partitions
Bendheim Glass - Marsh & McLennan Offices Bendheim Glass - Partitions
Offecct - Sound Sticks Offecct - Sound Sticks


Sometimes, designers may cover sound by adding another layer of sound. Try adding a water feature or playing prerecorded sounds over a speaker system. Use the cover scenario in a shopping mall, for instance.

Acoustic 123s

There are three important factors to consider at the start of any acoustic project:

1. Every space is different.

Every space is different, both in form and function. Environments that need acoustic solutions include offices, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. Pay particular attention to spacious shared areas, such as canteens and lounges. These spaces generate large amounts of noise from human activity.

Arktura - 71 Above Arktura - SoundStar
BAUX - Stella McCartney BAUX - Acoustic Panels

2. Consider the client

The client may have specific requirements. Project briefs don't include everything. Think about use cases for the space. What is the ambient noise level? What are the needs of the occupants, and what kind of impression does the client want to give?

Bendheim - T45 Diner Hyatt Times Square Bendheim - T45 Diner Hyatt Times Square
Baux - Grillska High School Baux - Grillska High School

3. Ask for help

If you feel unsure, call in the expertise of an acoustician. They will clarify your issues. The choice, quantity, and placement of your desired acoustic solution will become clear. You can also always reach out to us. We can assist you with contacts and help you make a great soundproof project!

Loop Architectural Materials is your local representative of Arktura, BAUX, Bendheim Glass, Meltdown Glass, and Offecct. If you have any questions, want a sample, or would like a presentation, do not hesitate to contact us.

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