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Explore the full range of new options available from Bover in 2019.

Announced at this year's Euroluce conference, Bover launched new outdoor and indoor collections featuring materials they had never worked with before.

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The Mediterrània lamp is an ode to the Mediterranean breeze and smell. A soft wave of ribbon pays homage to our Mediterranean light; combining bright flashes with very warm beams, especially in the sunrise and sunset.

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Inspired by the existing large Dome pendant lights, Domita is a natural expansion of the line featuring smaller versions that allow for lighter and more dynamic spaces.

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Seeking inspiration from nature, Mod is grouped to mimic clusters of flowers. With the goal of creative freedom, the petals of its "flowers" are fully customizable, and can use almost any material. Metal in smooth, perforated, or laser cut finishes is available as well as natural materials, such as wood panels, natural fibers, or sewn thread.

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Even More

Bover's 2019 product page doesn't just feature new collections, it includes new lighting that builds on existing collections. See below for more beautiful lighting options from Bover.

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