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Offecct's New Jasmine Acoustic Panel

by Layla Mehdi Pour

Solutions for creating good, sustainable sound environments in public spaces are becoming increasingly important.

Offecct's new Soundwave Jasmine Acoustic Panel restores calm and reduces noise in offices, restaurants and other meeting places. Designed by Offecct´s new designer Layla Mehdi Pour, Jasmine is inspired by nature's interplay between order and irregularity. The panel is shaped like a triangle and can be combined into various playful solutions.

Layla-Mehdi-Pour Jasmine

When Layla Mehdi Pour designed Jasmine, she was inspired by natural elements that may seem irregular in their macro form, but in the details have a wonderful precision and regular structure. In this case, she started foremost from flowers and developed them into a concrete product with a playful character.

“I strived to capture nature´s poetic rhythm and mix it with more geometric, triangular shapes that can be combined in different ways and create new expressions and compositions,” she states.

Jasmine works well to increase speech intelligibility in rooms when used as a complement to an acoustic ceiling. They complement the ceiling well in the frequencies where the need for absorption usually lies.

Jasmine Light
Jasmine Dark
Jasmine White Wall

Offecct offers a wide range of sound absorbing wall panels, designed by world-leading designers. The versatile collection Soundwave® not only provides a good acoustic environment, but also brings character to the interior.

The Jasmine acoustic panel is the result of the first collaboration between Italy-based product designer Layla Mehdi Pour and Offecct.

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